Climate & Geography

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Geography – So Big Yet So Small

Many first time visitors are surprised by how mountainous the country is. The variety of elevation, dominated by a jagged central ridge in a narrow isthmus separating a vast cool sea from a smaller, warmer sea provides much of the incredible biodiversity and natural beauty of this pocket sized country. It makes the country seem much bigger than it is and local travel more challenging – and therefore more interesting. 

Climate – As Good As It Gets

Costa Rica is about ten degrees north of the Equator. The climate is tropical overall, yet far from uniform throughout the country. In general, there is a wet (May-November) and a dry (December-April) season, the defining characteristic of tropical weather. But those seasons can mean entirely different weather realities depending on location. Micro-climates, even ‘nano-climates’ can have a profound influence on the weather. For a small country, there is wide variation in the weather. 

Costa Rica – the Switzerland of Latin America

Someone made this analogy about Costa Rica decades ago, and it’s still used from time to time. Although imperfect, and what analogy isn’t, to a large degree it still holds. It’s not a bad way to position the country in one’s mind.