Security and Logistics

Costa Rica is still in the developing world. It is not the slums of Mumbai or Mexico City by any means, but there is poverty and the inequities of wealth within the population, and especially between the ‘average’ Tico and the ‘average’ tourist are large, visible, and tangible.
Crime – theft, mostly – is an issue. Violent crime is rare but not impossible. Common sense and minimal extra precaution are the solution. If it is visible it is vulnerable. If it is unlocked it is lost. Avoid city parks at 3AM, Especially if drunk. And so forth. 
Remember that fifty cents in cash or booty can be meaningful to someone with no money in hand. Five dollars represents a blessing; fifty a bounty.
If traveling, always check with the appropriate government agencies for any vital information.
The Tico Times is the standard for English speakers wanting to keep their finger on the national pulse.
Logistics – the necessities of daily life – are not quite First World standard. Yet they are sufficient and reasonable overall. Just remember, ‘Pura Vida’, and ’Tranquilo’.