The Costa Rican Economy


Traditionally dominated by exports of agricultural commodities – coffee, bananas, pineapples – eco tourism is increasingly important. Like the commodities market, tourism can be volatile. The global recession is being felt at the moment, but Costa Rica remains a bargain and a great destination.


Surfers and other adventure recreation aficionados tend to be highly devoted to their pursuits. They cut back, but they don’t necessarily eliminate things that are central to their lives and their identities.


For some, a soft economy at home can accelerate plans for relocation, retirement, or semi-retirement. And there’s no question that there is still great value in Costa Rica. You can get a lot for your travel, residential, or business investment dollar, euro, or yen in the country.


Inflation continues, and probably will, as a somewhat unavoidable accompaniment to vigorous economic growth in an unbalanced economy. The government’s policies encourage clean, green, high tech development and its location, taxation, cost basis, and labor pool remain competitive globally.



Starting or relocating a small business that generates income from outside the country is possible and encouraged. Those persons who can employ a Tico, or who can invest in beneficial projects like hardwood reforestation, are welcome.