Vista Hermosa - Puntarenas

ARCHITECTURAL RESOURCE AFFILIATES, LLC  plans to purchase approximately 20 acres in the province of Puntarenas on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our proposal is to design and build four to five Eco friendly homes to be sold as part of a condominium development. 

 Each property will be individually owned, but the access roads and majority of the land surrounding each will be preserved and controlled by the association providing maintenance free access roads and well kept native landscaping.  The cornerstone of this development is the unparalleled 180 plus degree ocean view of white water crashing waves of the verdant  southern coast.  Each owner will be assured that his spectacular view will remain unobstructed.

The Required engineering for this project was started in May of 2008. We will be adhering to the new stricter land regulation requirements that have been recently enacted by the Costa Rican government. We will follow the new guidelines for reforestation to make this project a carbon neutral environment - one of the major aims of Costa Rica in the coming years. It is our intent to make this development a “Showcase” example of a minimum environmental impact development.

We propose utilizing sustainable building materials. Much of the timber and bamboo will come from the adjacent 100 acre farm. The houses will be designed to take advantage of natural ventilation from the almost constant breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean.

Part of the property contains old growth forest with many tropical hardwoods towering over 100 feet high.  You will be simply amazed by the bio-diversity found here in the forest.  Expect to live among colorful toucans and butterflies, howler and white-faced monkeys, sloths, and many other native species.

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Access to Historic Costa Rica:

From our site you will have access to a 100 acre neighboring property that is the epitome of Costa Rican tropical ecology.  An 8 minute hike down the mountain and you will find the original “Trapiche” or sugar grinding and processing mill, as well as the old “homestead” that was occupied from 1945 until 1999. Another few minutes downhill you finally reach a series of breathtaking waterfalls spilling into clear almost bottomless pools! This is the awesome landscape that “Disney” tries to imitate, but here it is one of mother nature’s finest creations.

Vista Hermosa is only 7 minutes to a pristine public beach. In Uvita, the fastest growing commercial center on the Costa Ballena, there are fully stocked grocery stores, banks, a pharmacy, salon, health clinic, veternarian, hardware store, fresh organic vegetable and fruit market, and many restaurants. Not far away is the surfing and resort area of Playa Dominical.

Our design team will be formulating individual designs for each site during the next few months.  All interested parties contact us at  Thank you.

Terry G. Green, Architect

The Costa Rican Economy


Traditionally dominated by exports of agricultural commodities – coffee, bananas, pineapples – eco tourism is increasingly important. Like the commodities market, tourism can be volatile. The global recession is being felt at the moment, but Costa Rica remains a bargain and a great destination.


Culture and Politics – Like No Other Country

Costa Rica has a culture and a politics that are distinctively different from anywhere else in the Americas, for sure, and that are probably unique in the world.
In some ways, tragedies and difficulties in Costa Rica’s past account for much of what makes the culture and politics of the country special. Because the indigenous people were so peaceful and welcoming to the Spanish invaders, there were almost all eliminated by disease or violence. 

Adventure Sports Buffet – All You Can Eat and More

Although there is nothing wrong with golf, many these days prefer more active pursuits. Costa Rica offers virtually every adventure and extreme sport option possible – in addition to golf.

Geography – So Big Yet So Small

Many first time visitors are surprised by how mountainous the country is. The variety of elevation, dominated by a jagged central ridge in a narrow isthmus separating a vast cool sea from a smaller, warmer sea provides much of the incredible biodiversity and natural beauty of this pocket sized country. It makes the country seem much bigger than it is and local travel more challenging – and therefore more interesting. 

Climate – As Good As It Gets

Costa Rica is about ten degrees north of the Equator. The climate is tropical overall, yet far from uniform throughout the country. In general, there is a wet (May-November) and a dry (December-April) season, the defining characteristic of tropical weather. But those seasons can mean entirely different weather realities depending on location. Micro-climates, even ‘nano-climates’ can have a profound influence on the weather. For a small country, there is wide variation in the weather. 

Costa Rica – the Switzerland of Latin America

Someone made this analogy about Costa Rica decades ago, and it’s still used from time to time. Although imperfect, and what analogy isn’t, to a large degree it still holds. It’s not a bad way to position the country in one’s mind.

Security and Logistics

Costa Rica is still in the developing world. It is not the slums of Mumbai or Mexico City by any means, but there is poverty and the inequities of wealth within the population, and especially between the ‘average’ Tico and the ‘average’ tourist are large, visible, and tangible.